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About Us

our story

Boyd plumbing was opened in 1984 by James Boyd. After working as a pipe fitter for several years and chasing work from town to town, the decision was made by Mr. Boyd that family was much more important than staying on the highway. It was at this time when he decided to open the plumbing company, following in his fathers footsteps.

Boyd Plumbing was originally opened and ran from the Boyd residence. After being in business for a very short period of time a good friend of Mr. Boyd offered to build for him a garage at his residence in trade for some plumbing work. This garage was to be the first official Boyd Plumbing office.

Tools loaded in a 1966 ford pickup and with his torch bought from 84 lumber, Mr. Boyd was now ready for action. The plumbing company grew till it was two trucks strong (Mr. Boyd and his son Don). In 1991 Boyd Plumbing had grown to a three crew operation including his son in law J. J. Patterson. Also in that same year we purchased the building and property that we still operate out of today

Seeing that there was a need in our area for full line Residential Plumbers Don, J. J. and Luke Courtney opened Boyd Plumbing Residential LLC. in 2005. Now with both the Boyd Plumbing Company and Boyd Plumbing Residential Company the companies are able to concentrate on the everchanging areas of commercial plumbing industry and residential plumbing needs.

In 2008 Don, J. J.. and Luke were givin the opportunity to expand again but this time in the area of location. With the purchase of Southern Plumbing Company LLC. Located in Atmore Alabama, The Boyd Plumbing Company now has the opportunity to offer our knowledge and commitment in the plumbing field to not only the North West Florida area but also including the Southern Alabama area.

Boyd Plumbing has grown from a small little repair and remodel shop with a single truck to a staff of over 40 qualified people to help with your plumbing needs. Our experience has also grown over the years, we have expanded our knowledge from service and remodel to a FULL line Plumbing Company.

Mr Boyd retired in 2005 leaving Don Boyd and J. J. Patterson to carry on the family business.